Friday, March 12, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen...

Ladies and Gentlemen...It sounds better only in speeches. Otherwise they both never get together. I remember how much I hated boys. And probably it was an age where Fun was a very integral part of life. Now a days its difficult to see this...but yes Coming back to the main topic Boys Vs Girls...ohh this war will never end!

Where there always a tiff there has to be a sweet envying and sometimes a Big thunder that goes between the battle of sexes. Today where ever you go there is a WAr..."Ladki ne Ladke ko mara...or else Ladke ne Ladki ko mara" I remember hitting , boxing & kicking boys in school days and people calling me "Choti Gundi" well they still do but just now im a little Girly

but yeah!...The batttle will continue...or else how can we survive :P

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