Monday, March 8, 2010

Life is Precious...Preserve it

There are many people whom I have come across who take life for granted. Some take it too seriously and some too lightly, and there are some who live just because they have to and few others because they have no other option. This might sound insane but it is so true to people whom I have met. Well, there is a lot more to it. The story below will surely make a few brains to put on their thinking caps. This is a story that inspires me about life.

I was in the third year of college studying media. It was prelims and that day was my last paper and I had also got my 1st paper in hand in which I topped. It was indeed a wonderful feeling. I got into the bus and switched on the FM for some goods songs. And as I was browsing through the various stations I came across my favourite RJ who was about to take a caller. I stopped and hanged on to the station.

This was a call from a boy who was basically from UP about 14-15yrs old. He was just out of school but had not taken admission in college. When the RJ asked him the reason, I’m sure all those listening might have held their hearts for a moment. He was affected by the vicious Cancer. He wanted to be an engineer, since there was no one in his family who studied more than 7th standard. But then all his dreams and ambitions came crashing down when he heard that there was very little time for him to live.

He wanted to go to Shimla kulu manali after his Boards but then after listening about Cancer his family decided not to exert him. They had bought him to Mumbai for kemo therapy. His family ran down into shock when they learnt that he had just 1month in his hand. And now when he called he had just a week more to go. I cried listening to this. Thinking what has that little soul done to get that punishment. He was questioned as to how he is dealing with the fact that he will die in a few days. He said “I always wanted to visit Shimla kullu manali and I feel excited. It looks like I am not going to die but going to visit it very soon. I always wanted to see, feel and touch God. I am happy I will do it soon. I had many dreams about my career and life but they cannot come true anymore. But I will surely ask God to give me a longer life next time to accomplish it”

He would not be alive to even see his result. It was his last journey on earth. On one hand where God gifts people with beautiful lives he plans for us a great living, but there are few who disrespect his plans and commit suicide. This is just a very touching story that I will never forget in life. Latter when I spoke to the RJ about this he too was numb and speechless for a long time about it.

This is also a social message to all those people how think there is NO NOPTION. Look at life from another angle it is yet very beautiful, its just how you look at it. 

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