Friday, December 25, 2009

The Colourless Christmas…

I was at the mall shopping for Christmas & as I sat at the rounded sitting fence around the tree at Nirmal. I seen this grubby little boy, somewhere near 5-6years old, holding a bag on his shoulder and in his hand was a bundle of Santa caps. A thought ran round my head, for all around the world the atmosphere was Christmassy, the love, decorations, lightings, shopping bags, gifts etc but for these little children a Santaclause only lives in dreams.

I remember complaining & arguing with mum about gifts and toys when I was a kid as every child does, even though I had all, I would cry for those little petty things. But today I repent when I look at these kids, selling caps on signals & around season. For them the person who buys a cap is a Santaclause. But I’ve seen people arguing, shouting & bargaining with this poor little boy as he goes around the place dancing to the tune of Christmas carols. I could find that unique happiness in his eyes after he sold a cap that I never found in me even though I had everything in this world one could ask for.

Opss! I felt so ashamed of myself that I went away from there. But then this little thought that may be I might have come across just for a few seconds helped me change a part in me. And guess what? This little boy taught me a lesson that wherever I think of a luxurious thing I must first think how much do the children of a lesser God have.

I have decided 2010 shall be the year of a new beginning in me, a new start, a new hope to rise. I’m going to celebrate every occasion in life that is important with the less gifted. Amen!.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Salute to the 26/11 Martyrs

For that every blood dropped,
For that every man we lost
All we can say in grief & gratitude
Is a heart felt salute.

That day we'll never forget
For we lost a loved friend
In tears and in prayer
We miss your presence everywhere

What else can we give
Than just our thanks and tears
Even today when we look back
It brings back those fears.

we cannot give you your life back
And not even your family
But India together will surely
Bring glories to our country

We'll fightback the terror
And reply to every attack
We'll never let this happen again
together we will win

Jai Hind to your courage
And for all that you did for us
Even if this countr will stand together
We may not be able to repay

We pray for courage in every family
That lost, We remember this day
And never let terror strike again
This is our promise till the last we say

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jana Gana Mana!

I Don't want to call myself a Patriot but a lover of India, My country. I had been to the theatre recently to watch 2012. And what disturbed me in there was the sound of disgust that came from the back seats.

It is a respect that one gives to out National Flag & the Anthem by standing. But the "Pichk" sound that came form behind rushed my blood through my veins. but i kept my cool, because if i said anything at that moment i thing i also would show disrespect for the Anthem.

Just because one is made to stand for the Anthem does that mean that you show respect? look at those people behind me. they were standing not because of respect in fact they were standing because they had to. what a shame. I have even seen people who, being Indian Criticize India. These people should be thrown out yaar. they must be kept in those aread where food is scarce and one has to be surrounded by enemy bullets.

I think until and unless each and everyone understands the importance of our country & its elemts he /should not be called an Indian by heart, because i believe an Indian is someone who is grounded by his values, Traditions and his pride for his country & country men.

26/11...Kal ka Taj aaj kar Sartaj!

It will be a Year since we Mumbaikars experienced the terrifying moments while the Taj was put on trial by the Terrorist. It was once called the beauty & identity of Mumbai. No man would leave Mumbai untill he visited the gateway of India & the Taj. They are the pillars & the wonder of Mumbai. But that day the 26th of November, 2008, I wonder if any person had dozed to sleep. 60+ hours of continous bullet firings, grenades, Guns...who could have a sleep? At least not me.

Switching from one news channel to the other, Praying for the safety of every man there & simultaneously cursing the terrorist that captured Taj. A place where people loved to go, today has become a place of fear.

The photograph above was clicked by me, just after a month of these attacks. And trust me the crowd there was minuscule. What a beauty it stood before us and on 26th we seen it break off every brick to brick. The sounds of those explosions & gun shots still bring goosebumps to our body.

But i have a question. Well, Many may not agree to this but well, since i have the freedom of expression, i shall express my thoughts.

For all those reading this tell me 1 thing, is it only Vijay Salaskar, Hemant karkare, Omnikutty, Ashok Kamte & Unnikrishnan has the spot light on them? Does it prove that the others who died in the attack were not humans? or is it that these people get the cake only because they hold some degree of position. So all those families who lost their father, mother, sister, brother & children have done nothing? of course i will not at all deny the fact that these were the one;s who took bullets on their heart in order to save us, and i salute & also bow my head before them but my question is, what about the others who are behind the scenes?

This happens everywhere no doubt but well. i felt uncomfortable about it so i mentioned it on my blog. Sorry if it has hurt anyone's emotions.

Secondly i remember i had a project during the attack. and all my friends were out on the peace march during that day. I had an argument with my friends. Tell me people, will only having peace march's & remembering those moments help? you have to no doubt about it. but just standing for a peace march will it do any good? after a year of the attacks once Kasab has been caught. and what yarns were everyone giving during that time? We will do this & that and what all was said. where are all those promises? those lovely thoughts given? all gone in vain? ]

well, i know i have no right to say anything since i have done nothing towards 26/11. I apreciate everyone who helped during those attacks, even my friend who called me half way, while i was on my way to collage telling me to return immediately. Well, Those 60 hours were terrible and no one can forget, but all we can do is thank everyone who fought every second of their lives to make our lives possible.


Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan

After living in mumbai for about 21 years one thing that i learn't is "Never Give UP"...

Recently i was travelling to the town side and i came across this little slum on the roads of Byculla. Once side where we have one of the best facilities in Mumbai we see people sleeping on the pavement. I could spot out these little children playing along side of the road while their mother was busy drying clothes. Looking at them made me give myself a thought. We keep complaining about little things, our wants & desires are limitless. But when I look at these children who's age is to study at this age they are selling those toys they yearn to play with. I wonder if anybody really thinks of all this. It's a sad feeling. Sometimes i feel so guilty to ask my mother for anything i want. Look at those children. Where is education? Play? Life?....everything is the same for them. A bread that can fill their family's stomach & sometimes not even that, is more than enough.

They are definitely not looking for a BMW or a Volkswagen, not even a luxurious bunglow or a 2-3 BHK flat, all that they are looking for is a roof over their head. We often say anyone can survive in a place like Mumbai. Leaving back their farm, family and over facilities in life they walk to a place called Mumbai. Unemployed, helpless they lie on the pavement, and then finaly a rich man's son drags them to death by his spacious car that can occupy at least a family or two.

It's so Practical isn't is? No!...You can't call this practical by it is something that I & You can change. who doesn't want to be rich, to be famous, to be the best?...but there are a handful on this planet who think of others. We can...look at those innocent faces and try to read their sufferings through their eyes. they will tell you the crust of the truth, the pain within them.

We can do a little for them it might be a drop in the ocean, but remember to them it's the are a God to them. You see how easy it is to be good? Try this out poeple may be not for you but just to bring a smile on the face of a poor child. EDUCATE them !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sometimes i keep wondering about things when I'm alone...About what?...about the things that go wrong around me...about the wrong happenings in the world and many more such thoughts...i always kept thinking as to where should i write all these things..I'm happy...finally i found a place to unwind those little monstrous imaginations...well, not really imagination but lets call it thoughts...

Yesterday I was on my way from Dadar and from the bus I seen an old man( picture used for representing basis only)...that man was in his late 60's, pushing himself towards his old age. The blood from his eyes had almost dried up, his face displayed the helplessness that he carried all the way...and somewhere things were going wrong, even in the heavy traffic his he tried to push himself through.

This may be so obvious for people who do not see the world through others eyes, but i see a very different pain here. In the heavy traffic area, the rains lashed the road, and between expensive cars and Bikes stood this man, so very different, completely drenched pushing his cart that carried iron rods. As the traffic stopped he would look at his bleeding hands and rub them against each other and see it again. I wondered why he did that and then he caught the iron rod again that was completely rusted. He looked so haggered and sad, i could see a little tears in his eyes, he stood stationed at the same place trying not to hit any car and bikers were telling him to shift from there...and in a moment in time the signal was green and my bus drove ahead...and the man vanished before me...

Sometimes we just do not want to see the world the way it is...i don't know if that's the case with everyone. I don't know if i must feel pity or should i ignore or should i simply get out & help and if none then can i face myself?? there are many things that we come across in our everyday life...some we ignore, some we don't want to see, some we just go away from & some just become a matter of our daily routine. What should one do in such a situation...

I am in a very puzzled situation...sometimes if i think of unemployment in this country i see this old man working much, much more than he should...and when i think of people like the old man i think if he doesn't work who will feed his family? there would also be more unemployment and then only work will pay you...I just cannot decide on what really is the solution to this??

I agree everyone must work but government has passed a rule that a person retires after a certain age, then why are people still getting exploited? I know that this is a cheap mode of transport but then just to save a little money on logistics does your conscience allow you to drink a man's blood in bargain?? Anyways how much money are they going to save, a lakh that can fill his family stomach's for a life time?? then what about that poor man?? can't he be given some work that will also keep him at his rest and your work also been done?,...Do es he find only aged people doing this? is one field i never want to go into...because in the name of money the rich always exploits the the age where a man has to spend his remaining life with his family he works, works until he breaths his last...what's the use? we say 70% of our population is poor then will extracting everything from those with few can make India Developed??....That's The Question....THINK...