Monday, March 8, 2010

Love is....

A walk to remember…

I happened to see this lovely movie named “A walk to remember” today. I must say it has been written with heart felt emotions and with a beautiful screenplay.

When someone once asked me how can one describe Love I wondered myself, how? Love is something that cannot be described in words. It’s just a feeling between two souls that speak. It’s a silent move. It’s a non-verbal way of communication which has not yet been discovered. Love for me is when everything around you looks beautiful, you try to see beauty even in a shabby room, and you fell better every time you look in the mirror. You look at the sky and talk, telling the moon to convey your message to him, missing him the moment he is away from you, checking your mobile phone in the middle of the night, talking for hours together yet cannot go out of topics. Love at times is speechless. It’s a heart and soul reader. Love is when you know what he feels before he himself knows it, it is when both start thinking the same thing at a time and laugh over it, it is when you start giving yourself into his arms, just never to wake up, it is when you look into his eyes and see your world in him, it is when you find only his shoulder to cry and share on when you need someone, love is when you stop thinking of yourself but every moment about him.

Love is much more than what can be described in words. For me love is finding the truth of living my life with one man forever. Love is indescribable, mutual understanding, togetherness and the connection of the soul that might happen every time one meets. Love is when you find him in every thing you see, feel and touch, it is when you imagine him as a pillow and hold him tight while you sleep, it is when you smile every time you think of him, love is when you are in the crowd and yet can feel him near. Yet love has no true meaning, because everyone loves someone in a different way, yet so unique.

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