Friday, December 25, 2009

The Colourless Christmas…

I was at the mall shopping for Christmas & as I sat at the rounded sitting fence around the tree at Nirmal. I seen this grubby little boy, somewhere near 5-6years old, holding a bag on his shoulder and in his hand was a bundle of Santa caps. A thought ran round my head, for all around the world the atmosphere was Christmassy, the love, decorations, lightings, shopping bags, gifts etc but for these little children a Santaclause only lives in dreams.

I remember complaining & arguing with mum about gifts and toys when I was a kid as every child does, even though I had all, I would cry for those little petty things. But today I repent when I look at these kids, selling caps on signals & around season. For them the person who buys a cap is a Santaclause. But I’ve seen people arguing, shouting & bargaining with this poor little boy as he goes around the place dancing to the tune of Christmas carols. I could find that unique happiness in his eyes after he sold a cap that I never found in me even though I had everything in this world one could ask for.

Opss! I felt so ashamed of myself that I went away from there. But then this little thought that may be I might have come across just for a few seconds helped me change a part in me. And guess what? This little boy taught me a lesson that wherever I think of a luxurious thing I must first think how much do the children of a lesser God have.

I have decided 2010 shall be the year of a new beginning in me, a new start, a new hope to rise. I’m going to celebrate every occasion in life that is important with the less gifted. Amen!.

Saturday, December 19, 2009