Sunday, March 7, 2010

How much reality counts??

I have been watching these reality shows on television since a very long time and one thing that I have noticed is that people have developed this weird type of liking for such shows...whether the shows are about marring, singing, dancing or just getting locked up in a room to get a sum of money. Instead of taking it in a general way let me talk about myself...I somehow don't agree with these reality shows...though they try to depict that it has changed the face on Indian television I cannot really take this as a boon to Tv industry...oh come on just to earn a little TRP I dnt agree to put a hundred lives for a toss. From those tender kids under heat lights working for 8hours at a stretch. I think sometimes its about ethics.

I am from an Advertising background and I believe there are many things that are looked over in this industry. Call it ETHICS as for now, just ethics. It looks like a minuscule word in a dictionary but means a lot when it comes to judging yourself on a larger platform. Its all confusing when you see a child on Tv & you laugh but the toil that gets behind the sets are equally disturbing...

Please Stop this

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