Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day!...Is it just a Day??

Valentine's Day! A day that probably every loved soul wants to enjoy!..and why on earth did i mention that word "probably", its simply because not all think it that way. Well, coming to the point, Valentine's day for me is not a day just to say how much you love or care and whatever that follows... in fact for me the meaning goes abyss...

Tell me one thing, is a specific day like Valentine's Day required to tell your loved one that you love him/her?? if its love its there at every moment when your together, that every step you walk together hand in hand, that every laugh, that every comforting shoulder, that feel of being there. Do you think this all can be expressed and said just in one day? I seriously don't think so. Because these are the feelings that are developed only i due course of time. Some are lucky, some are not, but that doesn't matter.

Love for me is Aeon. There is nothing like today and tomorrow. It's forever..Where there is Love there is a Heart break, Where there is a heart break there is pain and where there is pain there is love...and it goes on...


I loved you and i still do
what differs is the distance
when things go wrong i see you
when things so right i can feel you

There are times when i wish you were here
to hold me & tell me you are near
like an angel you are there behind me
what isn't there, is you aren't with me

I have seen you laugh
but cannot see you cry
thank god you walked away
before my eyes would see you dry

Today i wish i could tell you
how much my heart felt for you
but yet another day goes by
you turn away and say good bye

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