Monday, January 25, 2010

Children & Sue-Side

After the blockbuster movie ‘3 Idiots & the whole controversy following the movie, it has successfully hit every chart, never the less it has also hit the suicide charts in the country. Everyday there are little children ending lives by handing themselves. On one hand we believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s future, on the other hand suicidal cases as headlines are flashing all media channels. These are indeed some gruesome realities embracing the country. The question is not how such things are happening in fact, why is it happening and what can be done to stop it.

Who is to be blamed for this? The parents? The institute? Or the Child? The answer is simple, no one. Everyone goes through Tension, pressure and challenging situations in life, but the one who has the guts to face the reality and fight back are the one’s who win. It’s all about how well one deals with situations. When a kid finds difficulty whom does he seek first? If he wants to express his feelings of happiness, sadness whom does he look up to? It is not just this but a number of things that follow. Suicide is not a one days thought, but a series of frustration, pressure that a child goes through for years together. If the child cannot express he is bound to take such drastic steps in life which leaves not only his family & friends but also the people in and around him in utter distress.

Some people think counseling and psychologists are meant to be consulted only when things are worse or for that matter if one visits a counselor he is psychic. Breaking the myth, it’s not about being psychic but just knowing what to do next before someone else commits a suicide. And who knows a child better than his parents.

Here are certain points that have to be kept in mind by the parents in order to guide the child in a way that he feels free.

Communicate to the child on daily basis casually & know about his school, friends, studies etc. Remember the better you communicate the more freely the child can express his thoughts to you.

Try not to demoralize and compare the child with another as every child is different. Not all can be business men or doctors; some have to be leaders in their own field of interest.

Give the child the freedom to choose between his career and hobbies. If he wants to make his hobby his career and is keen on perusing it, let him go ahead, support him.

Try to be friends and a guide to the child whom he can share his troubles and difficulties with.

Do not pressurize the child, as no work is done the best under pressure.

Indulge the child in at least one extra curricular activity of his interest like sports, music, dance, instruments etc where he enjoys himself.

Try to balance the child’s daily routine, giving equal and enough time for every activity done during the day.

Lastly, it’s about proper guidance & love that nurtures the child and all that the child grasps in his initial years is lived on forever. Therefore what is today’s input is tomorrows output

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