Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love, Life & a Big Confusion

I don't know if this is the situation with everyone but somehow i feel this is the biggest confusion whenever i look at life from a bigger & broader perspective. Well, that's not all, when ever you take a trip down the lane you'll find things so stupid that you are embarrassed. But then its all past, happened, gone & all cried over long time ago...

Love is one such vague thing that i cannot really get over very soon. Recently i got an SMS frm a frnd saying: " All desirable things in life are either

# Illegal

# Banned

# Expensive

# Married / Committed to someone else..."

that's really so true...when u really think of a person to be yours...hell, he is commited...well, Happens..."All is Well"...i dnt know why now a days this "all is wel"l also doesn't work...probably because the impact has vanished with my choco boy Omi Vaidhya :P ....Dnt ask me why hes a choco boy to me...:P

but well, im happy im back to the track..Alone...and trust me there is no happiness greater than as compared to being Single & enjoying...No relations, No tensions, No distractions...Happy to be single this should you :)

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