Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The School ~ Our Temple

Remember when you first went to school, the first time you cried, the first time you were left all alone without your parents, it might be the horrible, isn’t it? But today as you look back to that day, it makes one happy because if it wasn’t that day at school, learning the first ABC would be difficult, but was for those teachers who made it simple & easy for us. It’s the place where we were guided, nurtured & molded as a whole new being. It was then that we learnt to recognize ourselves.

Leaving back all those riches, toys, clothes, poverty, parents home we came to an institution together that in turn build in us a ray of light for tomorrow’s darkened world. It provides and makes a child know himself better. It’s a temple. When we all go to our respective religious places of worship the first thing we do is bow our heads before God and that’s exactly what a school is all about, where no matter how much we were yelled at and punished but as we look at it today our heads bow down in respect, for what was taught to us as a kid we shall never forget and all those teachers who made our lives worth are our God indeed.

In temples we learn to pray just as similarly as we learn and build our knowledge in school. Teachers who were there to guide us at every fall taught us the values. They taught us to respect, to share, to love and to help those in need and the list goes on.

A saying goes ‘we learn through our own mistakes’ but the fact is learning which was inherited in us was because of our teachers. People, who grow to be rich, successful & famous, have not just learnt through their mistakes but it is all because of those teachers who taught them how to grasp the nuances and affix them perfectly in their day to day life. But Alas! It is very sad to see just a handful of them remember their works. For a teacher is a mother, a father and a guiding light for a little child in those crucial years of their life. She is the one who helps in molding the child’s future & his career. No wonder a teacher is called God and God’s called a teacher.

As we realize what we are today is all because of someone who taught us the very essence of life, let’s remember them and help them in all that they need. There was a time when we fell because of our mistakes & they helped us stand profoundly among the others. Today we have a chance to tell them how much we care. So let’s take the smallest initiative to thank and help all of them and tell them that all that they taught us & all that we are today, we owe to them.

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