Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School-memories forever…

School, Classes, Dance, Music, Parties, Chat, Phone calls, Books, puppy love, all this simply vanishes in a few years. The class 10th farewell might have been the most touchy of all. Imagine after spending 10 years together we bid adieu to all our ’Chaddi friends’ who have been with us all through 10years of our lives. All getting apart on the same day. Different fields, colleges, new world, colourful dresses, new friends but yet not the same bonding & yaari. Even though we make new friends & even best friends in college those school friends are still so dear. After a long break even if you meet a friend from school to whom you never spoke to, tears simply roll down as we look back to those kiddy days spend together and you run to talk to them.

Those fights might have been real frustrating at that time but today as we look back don’t you wish it continued a bit more? School was probably the best place we could ever be, safe, careful, nurtured well behaved. In college we got the freedom we always wanted but we still loved school. Sometimes this sounds emotional, but when we look at school after a long time we wish those days never ended. College taught us to see the real world but school taught us how to see it. Which is more important, depends, but what we learnt from our teachers in those 10years will always be carried all through our lives. No matter how much they smacked us but what we learnt from that we will never forget.

Looking back at school reminds us of the favorite vada pav and the samosa in the canteen. We’ll never find a better place that can offer those same delights as in school. The break time was probably the most enjoyed time of all. Alas! No one can deny the fact that school is over…but what remains back are memories forever...

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