Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why am I not beautiful?

The way one looks at you doesn’t determine your beauty or for that matter your popularity among friends, peers or the world around you. If you associate beauty with looks then you are wrong. It’s is far beyond than what it really looks like it is. Beauty is in the soul, the mind, the body & the inner self. When you look at yourself in the mirror it’s not just the outer self that you have to see but your inner being, what you really are. Life is like that.

Most of us see life the way we see ourselves in the mirror, just the outer looks. But when you learn to see the inner beauty, the inner reason of living in this world, one will learn what the true meaning of it is.

Many say I am not beautiful, but fail to realize that beauty is skin deep as the saying goes. If you know how to judge yourself you have marked your way in this competitive world. Remember looks, behavior & status keep changing but what remain with people are your deeds & values and that’s what you have to be.

The New Year has recently begun and the vigor and zeal of resolutions are in the run. It isn’t too late to begin what we call it the “practice of the soul”. This might sound a bit nostalgic but this mind will let you see the light of a new beginning as the year goes ahead.

One of those beast ways to look deep within you is to close your eyes and think of nothing but just imagine yourself as a whole. Think that you are not you but another person and jot down in your mind what are the things that you do not want to see in yourself. It’s one of those easiest ways to life, moreover a happy life.

Leave the alteration of beauty to the products available in the market, for they are momentary, but if you change the beauty within, you will start loving yourself which is in itself a beauty. It’s only when you learn to love yourself will you know what you need and what not. After all we are best judges of ourselves. There is much more to learn so simply start by loving your self let this be your resolution for the New Year.

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