Monday, November 23, 2009

Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan

After living in mumbai for about 21 years one thing that i learn't is "Never Give UP"...

Recently i was travelling to the town side and i came across this little slum on the roads of Byculla. Once side where we have one of the best facilities in Mumbai we see people sleeping on the pavement. I could spot out these little children playing along side of the road while their mother was busy drying clothes. Looking at them made me give myself a thought. We keep complaining about little things, our wants & desires are limitless. But when I look at these children who's age is to study at this age they are selling those toys they yearn to play with. I wonder if anybody really thinks of all this. It's a sad feeling. Sometimes i feel so guilty to ask my mother for anything i want. Look at those children. Where is education? Play? Life?....everything is the same for them. A bread that can fill their family's stomach & sometimes not even that, is more than enough.

They are definitely not looking for a BMW or a Volkswagen, not even a luxurious bunglow or a 2-3 BHK flat, all that they are looking for is a roof over their head. We often say anyone can survive in a place like Mumbai. Leaving back their farm, family and over facilities in life they walk to a place called Mumbai. Unemployed, helpless they lie on the pavement, and then finaly a rich man's son drags them to death by his spacious car that can occupy at least a family or two.

It's so Practical isn't is? No!...You can't call this practical by it is something that I & You can change. who doesn't want to be rich, to be famous, to be the best?...but there are a handful on this planet who think of others. We can...look at those innocent faces and try to read their sufferings through their eyes. they will tell you the crust of the truth, the pain within them.

We can do a little for them it might be a drop in the ocean, but remember to them it's the are a God to them. You see how easy it is to be good? Try this out poeple may be not for you but just to bring a smile on the face of a poor child. EDUCATE them !

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