Monday, November 23, 2009

26/11...Kal ka Taj aaj kar Sartaj!

It will be a Year since we Mumbaikars experienced the terrifying moments while the Taj was put on trial by the Terrorist. It was once called the beauty & identity of Mumbai. No man would leave Mumbai untill he visited the gateway of India & the Taj. They are the pillars & the wonder of Mumbai. But that day the 26th of November, 2008, I wonder if any person had dozed to sleep. 60+ hours of continous bullet firings, grenades, Guns...who could have a sleep? At least not me.

Switching from one news channel to the other, Praying for the safety of every man there & simultaneously cursing the terrorist that captured Taj. A place where people loved to go, today has become a place of fear.

The photograph above was clicked by me, just after a month of these attacks. And trust me the crowd there was minuscule. What a beauty it stood before us and on 26th we seen it break off every brick to brick. The sounds of those explosions & gun shots still bring goosebumps to our body.

But i have a question. Well, Many may not agree to this but well, since i have the freedom of expression, i shall express my thoughts.

For all those reading this tell me 1 thing, is it only Vijay Salaskar, Hemant karkare, Omnikutty, Ashok Kamte & Unnikrishnan has the spot light on them? Does it prove that the others who died in the attack were not humans? or is it that these people get the cake only because they hold some degree of position. So all those families who lost their father, mother, sister, brother & children have done nothing? of course i will not at all deny the fact that these were the one;s who took bullets on their heart in order to save us, and i salute & also bow my head before them but my question is, what about the others who are behind the scenes?

This happens everywhere no doubt but well. i felt uncomfortable about it so i mentioned it on my blog. Sorry if it has hurt anyone's emotions.

Secondly i remember i had a project during the attack. and all my friends were out on the peace march during that day. I had an argument with my friends. Tell me people, will only having peace march's & remembering those moments help? you have to no doubt about it. but just standing for a peace march will it do any good? after a year of the attacks once Kasab has been caught. and what yarns were everyone giving during that time? We will do this & that and what all was said. where are all those promises? those lovely thoughts given? all gone in vain? ]

well, i know i have no right to say anything since i have done nothing towards 26/11. I apreciate everyone who helped during those attacks, even my friend who called me half way, while i was on my way to collage telling me to return immediately. Well, Those 60 hours were terrible and no one can forget, but all we can do is thank everyone who fought every second of their lives to make our lives possible.


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  1. I'm sorry i forgot to mention the other places that were attacked!