Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Salute to the 26/11 Martyrs

For that every blood dropped,
For that every man we lost
All we can say in grief & gratitude
Is a heart felt salute.

That day we'll never forget
For we lost a loved friend
In tears and in prayer
We miss your presence everywhere

What else can we give
Than just our thanks and tears
Even today when we look back
It brings back those fears.

we cannot give you your life back
And not even your family
But India together will surely
Bring glories to our country

We'll fightback the terror
And reply to every attack
We'll never let this happen again
together we will win

Jai Hind to your courage
And for all that you did for us
Even if this countr will stand together
We may not be able to repay

We pray for courage in every family
That lost, We remember this day
And never let terror strike again
This is our promise till the last we say

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