Monday, November 23, 2009

Jana Gana Mana!

I Don't want to call myself a Patriot but a lover of India, My country. I had been to the theatre recently to watch 2012. And what disturbed me in there was the sound of disgust that came from the back seats.

It is a respect that one gives to out National Flag & the Anthem by standing. But the "Pichk" sound that came form behind rushed my blood through my veins. but i kept my cool, because if i said anything at that moment i thing i also would show disrespect for the Anthem.

Just because one is made to stand for the Anthem does that mean that you show respect? look at those people behind me. they were standing not because of respect in fact they were standing because they had to. what a shame. I have even seen people who, being Indian Criticize India. These people should be thrown out yaar. they must be kept in those aread where food is scarce and one has to be surrounded by enemy bullets.

I think until and unless each and everyone understands the importance of our country & its elemts he /should not be called an Indian by heart, because i believe an Indian is someone who is grounded by his values, Traditions and his pride for his country & country men.

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