Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Hunger Strike

Centuries together the Indian education system has gone on a hunger strike. The basic hunger panes have been demolished or rather cut down in the name of donations, infrastructural funds, college requirements or school collections. This has probably brought down the whole education system of India. We Indians are known to have the best of literature writings and scripts; but today if we look back in time and compare ourselves to the today we live in, we stand in absolute no comparison to it.

The actual problem lies in the Hunger to learn. Today if we look at students, their only motto behind studying is the degree and not the actual knowledge that they attain. The basic idea behind having a perfect and a well oraganised education system is to provide the students with the overall knowledge of the subject they study. But most of the students today simply do it to attain a degree for a secured job. They hunger is lost in this bargain. Who really wants to know what lies below the undefined lines…all we want to do is ‘get out of it’…

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