Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Babri-Ram Janmasthan War!!!

Jiskisi ka ho naam
Dil par haath rakh lo Aur bolo
Jo bhi ho Allah ya ho Ram 
-Spread togetherness not gatherness-

Well! I’m back…with yet another great issue pertaining to India’s biggest decision...And how could I miss this one? Right?
Anyways coming back to the Verdict of the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmasthan, it has blown off wings on fire after the 30th September.
Now my point here about the 60years of issue is quite simple…”If things don’t work…divide and rule becomes the policy of the wise, which inturn also helps to maintain peace among all”.
I had a brief discussion on 29th about this very issue with my mom on the dining table. And what she told me was even horrifying and left me almost with a question mark that night, until the verdict turned out to be the same decision as I told my mom the previous day. In a broad sense if you figure out the whole scenario as a play you might find this whole issue a bit complicated (atleast I felt it)
We all live in a country like India where people of all castes like Hindu, Christian, Muslims, Sikh, Zoroastrians, etc all live in the society ‘as one’. If a Hindu falls sick a Muslim helps him, if a Christian is hurt in an accident nobody asks him which caste he/she belongs to, for a help. Then why in such a cosmopolitan state is such discrimination being made? I have friends who are Hindu as well as Muslim. I don’t ask them their caste and then be friends with them. And I’m sure no one does such a thing in India.
Infact we all should be proud that the land where the whole issue arises is not just of one sect. Probably India is the only country where this happens, where we never talk in terms of “You & Me” we talk as “We”. Somehow I felt this quite cheesy when I heard the whole fight was for the land. Will a simple decision made change how you and I look at that very land? Now the origin of the land might be where Ram was born but no one can deny that whatever the fact is we all should live as Indian’s. For as I said earlier it’s not about you and me it’s finally about “Us”. Then why even divide the land? Does a Hindu say that a Muslim can’t enter a temple? Or does a Masjid or a Quran say that a Hindu cannot go into the mosque? Then why riots? Why make life miserable? I think the best happiness is not if you get the land named on either Hindu or Muslim but it’s when the two join hands. And trust me, there is simply no happiness greater when your enemy becomes your friend, and not for the fact to defend him but to hug each other and live in harmony.
Infact today I felt that whatever enmity we have with our neighbors and people of other castes we must break this down. And that can start with something as simple as a smile. So smile and spread Love. When we can adapt to western thinking, then this is purely Indian Boss ;)….SIMLE 

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