Thursday, May 6, 2010

" What If I was Ajmal Kasab today?"

Finally, not only Mumbai but many people all around the globe have found justice after the decision to hang Kasab has been proposed. For a year and more people have been living with the pain of a loved one, just after a long time to find the man behind the scenes to be hanged.

I may be wrong and also someone with a cynical thought but my views on the entire issue are a bit different. There are certain things that have been playing in my mind since a long time but now as Kasab has finally been declared to be hanged, i too decided to speak on the issue.

My question is...for all those 166 people killed, why is just one man made responsible? Just because he was the only one caught alive from the entire lot who entered Mumbai that horrifying night? Why is all the anger and hatred dumped just on Kasab? Well, I'm not trying to befriend but somehow i do not agree to the whole issue thats happening.

I don't say that Kasab should not be punished under any circumstances but my point is why is the entire blame put on that one person when the actual mastermind and the head of this whole attack is still safe and enjoying life hiding himself at a convenient place?

today as the environment in Mumbai kept their fingers crossed during the judgement, I wonder if this thought ever came up to anyone's mind "What if I was Ajmal Kasab today?"

When a little child in his innocence steals a loaf of bread, being helpless due to poverty, everyone runs behind him, leaving everything behind. No one really thinks of that child's psychology and the pain that the child goes through and why did he ever do such a thing or what led him do it.

Kasab stands as an excellent example to all those who get into criminal doings as the main reason behind it being Poverty. This shows how Poverty over powers all values and consciousness and every important thing in life.

When Kasab's family did not have one time meal, that day no one knew who he was, how did he suffer, what pains he took and through what phase of life did he go through. But today as he is decided to be hanged by the high court , the world is happy about it.

Its really a weird world we are living around in. On one hand where the world rejoices on the birth of a child, today it rejoices on the death sentence of the same child. Time and again we've been repeating that "Criminals are not born they are crated" and so it is in most cases.

We happily and proudly point out our fingers to a criminal saying that "look at him...he's a criminal". But we never think what would we be doing if we were in their place. What if our family had starved to death and year even for a small loaf of bread, what option would we give ourselves?...Death due to poverty or Life with crime? The world will change into a better place only if we start looking at it from the eyes of another human being.

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