Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Love of a Mother...

There was this incident i came across while i was working at Percept India at Lower Parel. It was as usual a rainy day on a lovely evening, i was walking through the tracks and heading towards home through the railway tracks.

On my way I happened to see a few huts; not exactly huts but they were just sheets of cloth supported on a four foot bamboo sticks. And the very sight that caught my attention at this was the baby crying in it. The rains continued to lash and the water started collecting between the tracks. And as i peeped into that little hand build cloth hut my eyes went numb. The water kept dripping from the roof of the cloth sheet and drop by drop from the tree under where this hut was; I seen a lady who was not too old sitting in there with a just born baby in her hands. The baby's eyes were not yet fully open and it was crying out in pain. No clothes to wear, no food to eat, no toys to play, no place to keep...and yet all that the mother had was her gentle lap where she found her baby safe and sound...

The lady was so helpless that anyone who had a sight at it would cry out. That was when i realized how much do i have and how much selfish I am. The mother and the baby both were undernourished and the baby who was skin and bones was been massaged with the dripping water of the roof.

When we were small and young, we demanded, we cried, thew tantrums and all that we could just to get our favorite thing in hand. But this little baby who was still unsound and crying in despair, i wonder what future did the mother see in that little child.

I pray for all those children of a lesser god...for all that i can do i will :) For there is an unconditional Love in a mother that no one can challenge :)


  1. Really very touching Sherel - Pratik.

  2. really nice sherel but couldn't u help her that day rather than just feeling bad about that incident..this wont make a difference in their life and not even will praying so lets b practical here..

  3. @ Pratik: Thanks Dear!

    @Ashu: The fact most of us do...I repent...I was in the 2nd yr doing my internship and just like everyone I seen it...and walked away...but what touched me the most was this incident taught me to care for the poor and somehow i have learnt to Share my things with them which i never did since I was never taught to do that as a single child :)